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The morning bell rang and my eyes snapped open! sh*t! It was morning.

I hastily stepped out of my nightwear and slipped into my duty clothes. Finally, I tied back my hair, washed my face and dashed out of my room. I dreaded waking up here. Every day was a tiresome cycle, a relentless gush of burdensome tasks that clung to the same predictable routine. As an Alpha’s daughter, one might assume a life of privilege, but within these walls, my existence is bound to servitude.

I was late for my duties today and I didn't know what to expect. I busted into the kitchen and my heart skipped a beat when I saw Chloe and a few other members of the pack in the kitchen. I hung my head down as Chloe neared me.

“Well well, look who we have here. If it isn't slow Roxanne,” Chloe, my brother’s mate, drawled in her irritating voice, dragging the “slow” to make more emphasis.

“Good morning,” I greeted.

“Nothing is good about the morning, you're late! Save your greetings and get to work,” She ordered, “Or did you forget what the kitchen is for? This should have been done before now!”

“I'm sorry, I overslept,” I apologised in a low voice.

Sidewalks began buzzing from one pack member to the other and I knew I had made the best mistake of my life saying that.

Chloe lunged forward and grabbed my hair, “Overslept you say? Have you forgotten your position here, Roxanne? You're no more than an omega. There's no meal for you today. That is your punishment for oversleeping,” she yelled and pushed me to the wall.

I groaned out in pain as my head came in contact with the wall and I fell to the ground like a bag of beads. Laughter erupted from the members and echoed in the kitchen. I whimpered as I buried my face in shame.

“You dare lay there? Get up and get to work Roxanne or I will have you kicked out from this territory,” she yelled.

I picked myself up and hastily grabbed the brushes, soaps and buckets and rolled up the sleeves of my clothes. I surveyed the kitchen and drew in a sharp breath as I began my daily toil of scrubbing, sweeping and cleaning. I hated waking up late to clean, for at that time the whole kitchen was always a mess. Usually, before the morning sun glazes the horizon, that's when my day begins with the tedious chore of cleaning.

Chloe’s piercing laughter echoed through the kitchen, cutting through the morning air like a bitter wind. “Look at her everyone. The mighty Alpha’s daughter, more like the pack’s burden,” she jeered, her eyes narrowing as she fixated them on me.

With my head down, I continued my work as I tried to drop out the spiteful words. I focused on the clinking of dishes and the sizzling of the fire.

“You know, I heard being an Alpha's daughter meant something. But look at her — fragile as a leaf in the wind,” Chloe taunted, her venomous words aimed at my fragile spirit.

The pack members in the kitchen seemed intrigued and eager to partake in the torment. They snickered and exchanged smirks and I couldn't stop the tears from rolling down my cheek.

“Fragile, dumb Roxanne. I bet even the Omega has more spine than her,” Chloe continued, the cruelty in her voice spreading like wildfire.

My hands trembled as I scrubbed the pots, trying to erase not only the grime but the remnants of last night’s communal feast, a feast where my presence was mandatory, but not appreciated.

“Alpha Zane must be so proud of his sister— the embarrassment of the pack,” Chloe declared, her words wounding more deeply than a stab of a dagger. My shoulders slumped, carrying not just the weight of the dishes but also the weight of her relentless mockery.

“Why don't you just leave, Roxanne? You're slowing us down as usual,” Chloe spat, her tone dripping with disgust.

“What's the matter, Roxanne? Can't keep up with the real pack members?” a young werewolf sneered, his eyes filled with a twisted delight in tormenting me.

Someday, I knew it was going to be over.

My heart pounded, each word striking me like a blow. I wanted to disappear, to fade into the background.

Chloe, revelling in the power she held over me, circled me like a predator closing in on its prey. “You think you belong here? Look around, Roxanne. Real Alphas don't raise weak pups like you. You're a stain on this pack. You're a constant reminder of what an Alpha’s daughter shouldn't be.”

My hands tightened into my fists, nails digging into my palms as I fought back tears. My spirit crumbled beneath the scorn but I refused to show weakness.

Chloe smirked triumphantly at me, “Did I make you cry, sweetie? You see, Roxanne, I feel sorry for your brother. Having a sister like you must be the greatest disappointment.”

With thorough care, I arranged the utensils, wiped the counters and aligned the chairs in immaculate order. Yet, despite my efforts, the oppressive air remained— the constant reminder of my insufficiency. I ignored the heavy feeling in my chest and tried to concentrate.

I closed the runny tap and took a fleeting moment to appreciate my accomplishment. The kitchen gleamed under the light as it was all spick and span, now.

Her eyes, ever critical, Chloe scanned the kitchen for the slightest error — her usual routine of finding faults in everything I did.

“After staying here the whole eternity, this is your best effort?” she inquired, a disapproving furrow forming on her forehead, “Specks of dirt here and there. You might want to start again,” She said, her words dripping with venom.

My mouth gaped open, but just as quickly as it opened I closed it back, unable to mutter a word. There wasn't even any dirt! None that I could see.

“What? Do you think I'm lying?” she demanded, as if on cue.

I shook my head vigorously.

I stared around, lost. I had tidied the kitchen. I couldn't find the slightest dirt. How was I to start over when there wasn't any?

Suddenly before I could react, Chloe pushed down the porcelain dishware and they came crashing to the ground, bits of them scattered everywhere.

I fell on my knees, buried my face in my palms and bawled my eyes out. My body quivered with every indrawn sob.

I couldn’t believe it. Why would she do this to me? I’ve cleaned everything and she deliberately added more works for me.. Did she not know how much effort I have put to clean everything by myself...

My tears started pouring harder and my trembling hands reached out to start picking on the shards, my whole body shook from my silent sob.

But of course I knew why she did all these... Why everyone did this. Because I was weak... I was a wolfless, weak Alpha daughter whose existence was seen as nothing but a shameful streak for the pack.

“Ooou,” she gasped, “Sorry. Mistake. I'm guessing you're going to have to clean up,” she said and prodded me in the knees with her red bottom.

The pack members engaged in their hushed conversations, not caring to help. Their words cut through me like blades.

“Did you see her fumble with the dishes? Can't even handle basic chores.”

“I heard she couldn't shift properly during the last moon. Laughable.”

“Who cares about her anyway? She's just dead weight.”

“She’s an embarrassment. Alpha’s daughter, my foot.”

I hated that I had to live this way but what I hated more was that I was helpless. I couldn't do anything about the weight of my Alpha Lineage.

With blurry vision, I stared at the mess made— all my efforts destroyed with contempt.

Yes, in this place, my contributions were insignificant, all they did was exploit my vulnerability. Behind the whole facade of family ties, I was relegated to the duty of the obedient servant, because I was weak.

Alpha Ryker's Cursed Luna by Naomi Innocent PDF Read Online - Werewolf Romances - MoboReader (2024)
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