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In a land where the trees are green and the people are seen happy. Where peace and harmony is practiced despite the raging war threatening to shatter their beautiful land. This land is the south empire of LIREA, ruled by the humans who consider themselves superior over every other beings in Lirea.

Three years ago the vampires raided their empire, killed many and took away most of the children and women. Their only hope then was to call upon the dragon keeper, the empire consisted of different noble family each had a limited stratum of power but it did not apply to the dragon keeper family known as the YLIVIA family this family was the only hope and reason why the south empire was still standing tall.

Then during the war against the vampires General Gideon used the dragon as a weapon against the vampires and gained the upper hand in the battle. Still the war raged on the vampires still threatened to crash them. With the advantage of them being the creatures of the night, they only attacked during the night at an unexpected time and hour. This kept going on and on until six month ago when the east empire of vampires inugrated another king and an alliance was forged the two empires came into an agreement to ceasefire.

But the request of the vampires caused an uproar, the humans where not ready to give in as they couldn't do what they wanted.

'' No!!! Your Highnes, this can't happen we can't just let them do what they want. General Lucas

'' stated trying to convince their king.

'' General Lucas is correct your Highness, they are asking for too much. Princess Lisa of the YLIVIA ? You don't except us to let that lady marry a vampire do you? '' Another person asked.

'' Do you then expect us to keep fighting? Keep shedding innocent blood and keep loosing our women and children to be slaves to them? '' King Sebastian questioned them.

'' Your Highness, if I may ask have you spoken with general Gideon on this matter. He should have something to say about this, it his daughter we speak of here ''. A noble man asked.

Just as the king was about to answer general Gideon's presence was announced.

'' Welcome Gideon, welcome we have been waiting for you '' the king said.

'' I apologize for coming late your Highness, I got your message and I must say it has being very distressing. How can I allow my only daughter to marry a vampire? I have no heir no male child and this is a well known fact to every one here '' general Gideon's said with a sting of sadness.

'' I know general, but we have no choice right now. That's what they are asking for to seal the truce. You must make your family understand this most especially your daughter . they must understand the situation we are in and the urgency of the matter ''.

'' I will try my best your Highness, am not saying that there would be a positive response but still I will talk to my family and report back to you '' General Gideon said.

'' With this our mind can finally be put at rest '' the king breathed out in relief.

'' Your Highness, Let them I mean the entire vampire empire promise never to hurt her nor lay a finger on her including her so called husband. Let them make an oath binding then to us, it is a well know fact that vampires values oath and they can never break an oath intact they consider oaths sacred to them ''. One of the Elite men suggested.

'' Yes your Highness, let them we can't be the only once giving to them. They also have to give something to us too'' another Elite man spoken.

'' Well said men, well said. I would pass this message to their king when we meet to finalise the truce. Still I can't believe we would let one of our own become a bride to those creature, not just any bride but a truce bride '' The king lamented bitterly.

Its hard to believe your Highness, its really hard to. This misfortune had to befall the house of YLIVIA. But we need peace and can't let our people become slaves anymore, the faster we implement this the better for everyone

TRUCE BRIDE novel by Lucy Light PDF Read Online - MoboReader (2024)
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