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Vulnerable to any attack from the blood-hungry hunters of the Black Order, whose main task is to kill the girl with him and everyone around her.

The silence of their journey soon ended when the old Alpha heard one of his Beta yell, "Hunters!" while pointing to the various cars fast approaching them.

The driver then mumbles, "I'm afraid we won't make it." While looking at the old Alpha in the rearview mirror.

The old Alpha cleared his throat, thinking of the best way to deal with their inevitable death. He is in a predicament, he wants to save his people while fulfilling his promise to a dear friend. Soon his phone buzzes, and hesitantly he glances at the message he received thinking it's from his son but it's not.

The message was short and it solved the problem he had. He smiled and then stared at the young girl dead in the eyes, then said, "No hard feelings." Soon, he opened the door and threw the girl out of their fast-moving van.

Her body bounced and rolled on the hard pavement. Her bones broke. Her blood gushed out of her wounds, barely breathing, she was left in the middle of the road to die.

PRESENTLY, a shuttle bus hit a road bump. Waking the sleeping Vesper from her nightmare. She immediately jolted back to her senses and then fixed the hood of her jacket to cover half of her pale face. "Dreams." She mumbles as she wipes the cold sweat on her forehead.

She noticed that the shuttle bus travels at 100 kph on a 40 kph road. The driver clearly doesn’t care about the rules, the dangerous zigzag road ahead, or the thick fog covering the pathway, adding risk to an already unsafe trip, but his passengers don't seem to mind. Instead, they are filled with hopes, dreams, and security.

They are survivors from different packs. Seeking refuge from the dangers of the world. Some are from packs annihilated by blood hunters, some are slaves who finally got out from the claws of their owners. Some are dreamers, hoping that one day their kind will no longer be forced into hiding.

She stared outside. Even with the thick fog, her sight could clearly see that it was about to rain sooner or later. A sight everyone on the bus could perceive.

She sniffs the air and can feel the mixed scents of her co-passengers. All of them smell good, none reeks of malice, blood, or malevolent aura. Giving her a sense of safety.

Her eyes then landed at the ring on her forefinger then remembered what her friend said before they parted ways. “You need to always wear this ring. It will conceal you and protect you while you are inside the Citadel manor. I wish you the best of luck!” The voice echoes in her mind as she rests her head on her seat. She was about to close her eyes when she heard a child-like voice near her, “Hi, I’m Evie Vallister. Nice to meet you.”

She lifted her gaze and met Evie’s lively light blue eyes. She was smiling from ear to ear.

She smiles faintly at her then says, “I’m Vesper Miles. Nice to meet you too.”

Hearing their murmuring, the driver scoffed, “We are 5 minutes away from Citadel, I will drop you off at the barracks where you will meet your temporary guardians.” He yelled at them.

All five passengers glanced at each other and immediately gazed outside, searching for the manor.

“There… There it is…” Jolly yells gleefully as she points to the manor's location. The lights around the vicinity made it more noticeable to their wolf's sight.

Vesper observed how her co-passengers reacted, and it gave her an idea of how unfortunate their lives might have been to be this delighted to be part of this type of wolf pack. “Misogynistic, abusive, power-hungry organization,” she said to herself.

Her train of thought was soon cut off when she heard Sander’s low voice say, “Mother, I made it, I'm safe.” She discreetly looked at him and saw him holding his locket tightly, his eyes were reddening like he was about to cry.

“Aren’t you overdramatic,” Sebastian said as he patted Sander’s back. Both men grinned at each other.

Soon the shuttle stopped at the Citadel barracks, a gloomy 2-storey building that looked like a dungeon in plain sight. Despite that, everyone seemed to be in high spirits.

“Get your bags and wait for Gamma Sevy in the shed.” The driver suggested.

Shortly, lightning lit the dark sky followed by roaring thunder.

Startled, Evie gasped and hugged Vesper, almost choking her.

“I’m sorry,” She says while her hands are trembling.

Vesper doesn’t know how to respond and only hugs her back.

Evie smiled and hugged her tighter.

Soon, Gamma Sevy arrived. He is in his late 20s. He has dark brown hair, almost black. He has a brushed-up hairstyle that makes him look a bit older than he is.

He stared at them with scrutiny, then gestured to them to enter the barracks as it was about to rain.



Later that night, heavy raindrops started falling and Omega Alexis was running as fast as she could, not because she was afraid of being soaked in the rain. That's because it was already 10:50 p.m., and she needed to catch the final roll call at 11:00 p.m. Breathless, she stopped at one of the trees as the rain became too intense, the road too slippery, and unsafe to walk. She sat and leaned at the base of the enormous old oak tree.

Its thick leaves have become effective coverage from the rain and its huge roots perfectly cover her from rough wind that could make anyone's skin shiver. She took out a handkerchief from her pocket, happy that it was still dry, and wiped the dripping water from her face. She stared at the rain and then sighed deeply as she accepted her fate of missing the final roll call.

Alpha's Last Chance by Latton Ripley PDF Read Online - Werewolf Romances - MoboReader (2024)
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