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Uninterrupted, Unrestricted, Unlimited Fun: Exploring Unblocked Games

Unblocked games bypass filters and block protocols set by network administrators. This implies that gamers may access the games from anywhere, including school, work, and public Wi-Fi networks such as coffee shops or libraries.

However, finding a safe and reliable platform for playing unblocked games is a challenge. Endless registration or payment processes may deter you from playing an online game without downloading. But you don't have to be trapped in your social media feeds, scrolling through in a deep boredom. On a site like, you can play unblocked games anywhere you have a Wi-Fi connection. Home, school, work, anywhere! And we will not ask you for any personal information. The best online games with no registration, no payment and no download. Yes, it's possible.

Can I play Unblocked Games on a Chromebook?

Yes! On Totally Science, you can play unblocked games on a Chromebook.

Chromebooks are among the most popular devices for an unblocked games site like Totally Science. Since the games require no download, you can play them on any device: Chromebooks, Macbooks, iPads, Dells, etc.

How to Unblock Games on School Computers

To unblocked games on a school computer, go to, then scroll down to see all the different game categories. You can play arcade games, puzzle games, horror games, 2 player games, sports games, shooting games, action games, driving games, or more!

Top Unblocked Games on TotallyScience

Among dozens of titles and categories, the top games catering to many gamers on Totally Science are as follows. Each has unique challenges to offer. Lots of fun, laughter or jumpscare moments await you, depending on the game.

  • Cookie Clicker: Knead for speed, bake cookies to end world hunger.
  • 1v1 LOL: Engage in a multiplayer battle royale match.
  • Wordle Unlimited: Calling bookworms to play the best word game without daily limits.
  • Geometry Dash: Challenge takers, sync in with the rhythm and put your reflexes to a test!
  • Moto X3M: Be a biker and show off with your wheelies. Flip in the air for bonuses!
  • Drift Hunters: Control or madness? Precise drifts or spinouts? Choose your side and buckle up for a crazy ride!
  • Five Nights at Freddy's: Start biting your nails. The game fits lots of jump scares in only 5 nights!
  • Basketball Stars: Big heads and big jumps! Slam dunk one after another until your opponent gives up!

How to Protect Personal Info While Playing Unblocked Games

Some unblocked websites require registration procedures before playing games. While filling out these registration forms, you need to give them your name, e-mail address, and sometimes even your bank details.

In this, if you'd like to protect your personal info while playing unblocked games, it is crucial to prefer platforms that can be used without registration.

TotallyScience doesn't ask you to fill out any form that might threaten your privacy. Just browse the website and pick a title you'd like. You'll be able to play any game on our platform. We care for our community's privacy. If you'd like to read more about how we process data, read our Privacy Policy.

We'd Like to Hear From You

Our platform has several community features that allow you to interact with fellow gamers.

First, you can let other gamers know your opinion about the game, your records, favorite maps or characters in the comment section. You are free to discuss hacks or tricks with other players as long as you keep your comments civil.

Comments that are intended to offend or provoke someone, use personal attacks, or are irrelevant to the topic at hand will not be published.

The second option is voting emojis when you don't have the time or energy to leave a comment. Press the one you feel among 6 emojis at the bottom of each game page. And let others know your opinion or learn others'.

  • 👍Upvote
  • 😝Funny
  • 😍Love
  • 😯Surprised
  • 😤Angry
  • 🥲Sad

Finally, if you have any problems, suggestions or inquiries, please reach us via e-mail. We are doing our best to provide our community a hiccup-free gaming experience. We'd like to hear your ideas on this.

Totally Science - Unblocked Games (2024)
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