The 15 Best Places for Oysters in Paris (2024)

1.Huîtrerie Régis


3 rue de Montfaucon, Paris, Île-de-France

Seafood Restaurant · Odéon · 60 tips and reviews

Santo H:Definitely the best oyster bar in Paris. We had the most succulent oysters and sweetest prawns! The waitress was kind enough to translate the menu for us.

Cem Ozenc:Just fantastic. Lovely and cozy atmosphere, warm welcoming service and of course juicy, suckling, meaty special Oysters! A must try in Paris!

Максим Маткин:Great oysters and shrimp! Certainly one of the best places in Paris!

2.Le Mary Céleste


1 rue Commines (Rue Froissart), Paris, Île-de-France

co*cktail Bar · Enfants-Rouges · 169 tips and reviews

Alex K:Excellent oyster bar in Paris! Good wines too

Marc Kosberg:Oysters and very good co*cktails! They have brooklyn lager draught to wash those oysters down

John McNally:Casual hip bat, with tasty co*cktails and bites. Sometimes a bit too casual... But try the oysters, yum!



4 rue de la Corderie, Paris, Île-de-France

Seafood Restaurant · Enfants-Rouges · 65 tips and reviews

Marian Zange:Wonderful seafood place. Great oysters and delicious lobster. Service is very friendly.

Maria Bolshakova:Awesome place: take oysters, tuna tartar and sea snails! Have a perfect evening! Don't forget about dessert - fruit salad is perfect!

Annix L.:Oysters and small plates of seafood, wine, cozy place, nice staff.



80 rue de Charonne, Paris, Île-de-France

Seafood Restaurant · Roquette · 75 tips and reviews

Na-Young Choi:If you like simple but lovely food, you are at the right place. Seafood, oysters, clams are on the menu but you can chose anything on it, be surprised and enjoy!

Austin Chang:Oysters from the channel, calamari with spicy rosemary, bone marrow red tuna, and cod fish head on fire, with a maple caramel tart with creme fraiche. Amazing... Perfect with a white burgundy.

Hannah GM:Amazing seafood. Probably the best chowder I've ever had, and the smoked salmon, oysters, and scallops crisp are just divine. The artichoke was also a pleasant surprise!



81 rue de Seine, Paris, Île-de-France

Seafood Restaurant · Saint-Germain-des-Prés · 54 tips and reviews

nicola forani:A great discovery in Paris! An amazing atmosphere and indeed great dinner! Oyster and fish is simply delicious,the wine great and the service also really great !

She Loves Food:Vibrant busy restaurant with outdoor seating. Best oysters we've tried in Paris. Staff were friendly and food was delicious. Sea bream ceviche and scallops risotto are highly recommended

Arseny Lebedev:Amazing sea food. Great interior. Oysters are great and everything is fresh. No English menu but hunger will guide you

6.La Mascotte


52 rue des Abbesses, Paris, Île-de-France

Seafood Restaurant · Clignancourt · 52 tips and reviews

Journey City Guides:Authentic and classic brasserie established in 1889 in the heart of Montmartre. Known among locals. Specialised in seafood, it is also a great spot to shuck oysters at its Ecailler next door.

Pat Cold:One of the best places for fresh seafood and raw oysters. Not cheap, but definitely not a tourist's place.

Khalid Alkuwari:One of the best. Great oysters & shrimps. Reasonable prices.

7.L'Avant Comptoir de la Mer


3 carrefour de l'Odéon, Paris, Île-de-France

Seafood Restaurant · Odéon · 24 tips and reviews

chopchopcurrypok:Yves Camdeborde does it again with his no-nonsense standing-only formula. Wines + simple fares packed with fresh flavors. Standouts: Tagliatelle made of squid, Belon oysters and fish carpaccio.

Raul Valle:Nice! Oysters are great! Lobster with corn and almond soup and chipirones with chorizo are fantastic!

Joon Oh:Wonderful oysters and beautifully creative tapas with an easy-drinkinh yet diverse wine selection to compliment.

8.La Cabane Opium


44 rue Dauphine, Paris, Île-de-France

Fish and Chips Shop · 14 tips and reviews

Benny Gould:Lovely hosts, great atmosphere and beautiful champagne! Best oysters you will ever have!

Chaundra:NOT a fish and chip shop. Oysters. All the oysters. And smoked salmon.

Ergin Eroğlu:Oysters are perfect and you should also try see snails

9.L'Écume Saint-Honoré


6 rue du Marché Saint-Honoré, Paris, Île-de-France

Seafood Restaurant · Place Vendôme · 24 tips and reviews

Daniel Stillman:Take your selection home, or take a seat at one of the high tables on the street or in the interior dining room for a dozen Oleron oysters on the spot. And maybe a glass of muscadet or Pouilly-Fumé. Read more.

Mary TheFirst:So tasty! Tuna, oysters and shrimps are amazing!

Daniela Malik:Amazing oysters and super nice staff. Highly recommended

10.Chez André


12 rue Marbeuf, Paris, Île-de-France

Bistro · Champs-Élysées · 132 tips and reviews

Melis Bagatir:Amazing oysters & very nice staff

Rola Daher:Fantastic food & service! The best escargots I have ever had in my life! Their oysters r excellent too. Their Rillette is out of this world!

MAnDy Feng:Very comfort place, friendly, super fresh seafood, I love the escargot here and oyster!

11.Auberge Dab


161 avenue de Malakoff (Porte Maillot), Paris, Île-de-France

Seafood Restaurant · Passy · 48 tips and reviews

Allan Shen:Nice lobster salad and oyster.

G D:Really fresh oysters and seafood

She Loves Food:No reservations needed for lunch. Great seafood soup, and selection of oysters. Indoor and outdoor seating available with a great little street facing seafood counter



11 rue de Buci, Paris, Île-de-France

French Restaurant · Saint-Germain-des-Prés · 63 tips and reviews

Sergey S:Fresh oysters and moules. Just next to the fish shop. Very nice waiter who suggests the best oysters.

Guillaume Boudry:Waow delicious oysters, great service! I certenly recommend this restaurant.

Anna Cooper:Lovely service and fun, friendly oyster bar

13.Galette Café


2 rue de l'Université, Paris, Île-de-France

French Restaurant · Saint Thomas d'Aquin · 21 tips and reviews

Christine Louie:Great spot for a tasty meal. Super clean, nice owner, and excellent service! Get the oysters. Delicious!

Owen Smith:Try the uniquely smokey Andouille de Guémené crèpes and pair the award-winning oysters with the crisp Sancerre. And chat with Antoine, the owner who often works the floor in the evening. Friendly!

Alexis:Oysters 👌

14.Pleine Mer


22 rue de Chabrol, Paris, Île-de-France

Seafood Restaurant · 8 tips and reviews

Fjodr Fjodr:Very nice place! Cheapest and best oysters in Paris city center.

Alix Armour:make sure you book a little table in here! a well kept secret this one. Oysters fresh from normandie at a great place! mostly pleine mer oysters.

Michael Cassis:Sauvage oysters were amazing! Had it with wine, salmon and eel which was a nice combo! One of the freshest oysters in Paris.

15.Brasserie Bofinger


5-7 rue de la Bastille, Paris, Île-de-France

French Restaurant · Hôtel-de-Ville · 84 tips and reviews

Tineke Vanhove:Very good restaurant. Tips: oysters, foie gras and tartare de boeuf.

Olessya K:Oysters, fois gras, escargot and cod are a must!

Daisy de Plume:Wonderful sea food, the oysters especially. Lovely stained glass ceiling. Good for when you have guests to show them some art nouveau over dindin

The 15 Best Places for Oysters in Paris (2024)
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