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Provider of no sugar vegan ice creams and more

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Go Zero Key Metrics

Founded Year
Mumbai, India

Company Stage

Total Funding

Latest Funding Round
$1.5M, Seed, May 17, 2024

$9M as on May 17, 2024

Annual Revenue
$312K as on Mar 31, 2023
Competitor Rank
1st out of 2 competitors with a Tracxn Score of 44/100What is this?

Go Zero has not made any acquisitions yet

Go Zero has not made any investments yet

Company profile of Go Zero

What does Go Zero do?

Provider of no sugar vegan ice creams and more. The company offers vegan, low sugar, keto, popsicles, and protein based ice creams including flavors such as chocolate, mocha, pistachio, and more.

What sectors and market segments does Go Zero operate in?

Go Zero

serves in the

Food and Agriculture, Consumer Goods

market segments


The primary business models of Go Zero are:

Food and Agriculture > ********* ** **** ** > ******Consumer Goods > ********* ** **** ** > ******

Which legal entities is Go Zero associated with?

Go Zero

is associated with


legal entit


given below:

Legal Entity Name

Date of incorporation


Net Profit

Employee Count

Skky Desserts Private Limited

Nov 29, 2021

$312K (as on Mar 31, 2023)

-$170K (as on Mar 31, 2023)


SKKY Desserts Pvt Ltd

Nov 29, 2021




Funding and Investors of Go Zero

How much funding has Go Zero raised till date?

Go Zero has raised a total funding of $2.52M over 2 rounds. It's first funding round was on Mar 21, 2023. It's latest funding round was a Seed round on May 17, 2024 for $1.5M. 4 investors participated in it's latest round, lead by Saama Capital, V3 Ventures, DSG Consumer Partners.

List of recent funding rounds of Go Zero

Date of funding

Funding Amount

Round Name

Post money valuation

Revenue multiple


May 17, 2024





Saama Capital, V3 Ventures, and

2 more

Mar 21, 2023





DSG Consumer Partners, V3 Ventures, and

7 more

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Who are the investors in Go Zero?

Go Zero has 5 institutional investors including DSG Consumer Partners, V3 Ventures and Saama Capital. DSG Consumer Partners is the largest institutional investor in Go Zero. Nikhil Kishorchandra Vora and 3 others are Angel Investors in Go Zero.

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Go Zero funding rounds and investors

Founders and Board of Directors of Go Zero

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Who are the CEO, Founders and Directors of Go Zero?

  • Kiran Shah, Founder & CEO, is a founder of 1 company and on the board of 1 company. 1 email.
  • Pratik Desai, Director, is on the board of 2 companies and the founder of 4 companies. 2 email.
  • Smruti Shah, Director, is on the board of 1 company and an Angel investor in 16 companies.

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Go Zero's Founder profiles and Board Members

Competitors of Go Zero

Competitive landscape of Go Zero

Go Zero

has a total of

2 competitors and it

ranks 1 st

among them.

2 of its competitors are funded


Go Zero

and its competitors have raised over


in funding across


funding rounds involving



There is no private Unicorn in the entire competition set.

Below is a comparison of top competitors of Go Zero

Go Zero - Company Profile - Tracxn (4)

Go Zero



Provider of no sugar vegan ice creams and more

Internet first brand of healthy ice cream

Founded Year








Company Stage



Unicorn Rating



Total Funding



Funding Rounds



Latest Round

Seed, $1.5M, May 17, 2024

Angel, Undisclosed, Jan 19, 2023

Investor Count



Top Investors

Verlinvest, Saama Capital&


Biryani By Kilo&


Tracxn ScoreWhat is this?



Overall Rank



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Latest Shareholding of Go Zero

Who are the current shareholders of Go Zero?

  • As of May 17, 2024's latest post-round ownership report, Founders hold 43.92% at a net worth of INR 32.9Cr.
  • Founders own the majority of Go Zero's shares, accounting for 43.92%, while Fund hold 36.08%, Other People hold 10.23% and Angel hold 1.40%.

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Go Zero's Shareholding

Investments and acquisitions by Go Zero

Go Zero

has made no investments or acquisitions yet.

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Go Zero Recent News

Zero sugar ice cream brand Go Zero raises $1.5M in a pre-Series A round led by existing investorsIndian Startup NewsJun 19, 2024Go Zero

, DSG Consumer Partners, Saama, V3 Ventures

Ice cream brand Go Zero picks up $1 Mn in pre-Series AEntrackrAug 08, 2023Go Zero

, DSG Consumer Partners, Saama Capital, V3 Ventures

Eden partners with Let’s Go ZeroEdenJan 24, 2023Go Zero

, Eden

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Frequently asked questions about Go Zero

When was Go Zero founded?

Go Zero

was founded in


Where is Go Zero located?

Go Zero

is located in



Is Go Zero a public company?

Go Zero

is not a Public company. Its current company stage is


When was the latest funding round of Go Zero?

Go Zero

's latest funding round was on

May 17, 2024

What is the valuation of Go Zero?

Go Zero

's valuation is


What is the annual revenue of Go Zero?

Annual revenue of

Go Zero



as on

Mar 31, 2023

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Go Zero - Company Profile - Tracxn (2024)
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